Performing music with Martina Gmeinder always turns out to be something special. Her perfect preparation as precondition for a profound interpretation is obligatory for her. Her carrying and warm voice stays outstanding even in the lower ranges, because it’s rich in overtones and in higher ranges gentle and sensitive, that is to say lyrical. What I appreciate the most is her authenticity: When singing her sunny personality pairs up with her extraordinary musical sensibility, which is the best way to sing yourself into the heart of every listener.

Georg Grass
Church musician at Catholic Church Sankt Gallus in Tettnang

Martina Gmeinder owns a beautifully clear and well-balanced voice that never imposes nor ever feels forced. I have invited her many times to perform a varied musical repertoire. Amongst other things she has sung Mozart’s Requiem, but also Mahler’s 2nd Symphony in Japan.
She has always touched the audience and myself by her natural musicality as well as her charisma.

Manfred Honeck
Music Director of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra


Martina Gmeinder unfurls her beautiful mezzo-soprano voice with her characteristic soft and velvety timbre. Combined with her authentic personality she fills the interpretations with her great charisma and, thus, sensitively and ingeniously guides her audience straight to the most diverse musical dimensions.
Martina Gmeinder’s singing is convincing in its clear diction giving the vocal sounds plenty of colour. The mezzo-soprano delicately illuminates the lyrical texts with seemingly effortless register changes. Her lower pitches are defined by sounds that are modelled with a naturalness that seems earthy. The melodious lines of her higher pitches sound warm with varied nuances.
Regarding the great sacral music Martina Gmeinder’s rounded alto voice, which is also rich in overtones, has an additional quality. On the one hand, she mixes well with other vocals and, on the other hand, her voice radiates confidently and expressively in the solo passages.

Silvia Thurner
Music journalist


The beauty and warmth in the voice of Martina Gmeinder touches people’s hearts. The tremendous range of her repertoire shows her level of versatility and flexibility within the various styles and genres. During rehearsals she impresses with her fast reaction and her subtle artistic instinct.
Her musical and emotional devotion and her humor make working with her very pleasant.

Anselm Hartmann
Pianist and Musicologist
former Dean of Vorarlberger Landeskonservatorium GmbH
former Managing Director of Feldkirch Festival GmbH


Martina Gmeinder has sung as the main alto soloist of the Vaduz Cathedral in Liechtenstein since 2003 and has often appeared as soloist with the Chorseminar Liechtenstein. I especially treasure the warmth, roundness and clarity of Martina’s voice; she is an intelligent and sensitive musician. She has a broad repertoire, is always prepared to learn new pieces and readily gives creative input. It goes without saying that Martina always comes to a project well prepared and her manner is very collegial and pleasant.

William Maxfield
Music Director of the Cathedral Choir of „St. Florin“ in Vaduz
Artistic Director of the Chorseminar Liechtenstein


Martina Gmeinder has a unique, versatile voice paired with a warm timbre. I met her at a performance of Honegger’s “King David” a couple of years ago, where she amazed me with her expressive performance.
Ever since then I had the opportunity and fortune to listen to her in concerts and to perform music with her a number of times. Rehearsals and concerts are characterized by her effervescent vitality which captures the audience immediately. Martina also made some of my own songs a great success, which I am very thankful for.

Iván Kárpáti


Hearing Martina Gmeinder’s voice is a great joy and pleasure. Our last exhibition with painter Prof. Jörg Hofer and sculptor Herbert Albrecht was enlightened by her subtle as well as vital and forceful mezzo soprano at the closing ceremony. Lots of enthusiastic feedbacks were the adequate response.
We are looking forward to more and we thank her with all our heart.

Gertrud und Markus Faißt